August 10, 2015

Flat Pack Pills

We've teamed up with the creative minds behind 44 RPM to bring you the Flat Pack Pill! Check it out in our online shop!

44 RPM has been hard at work lately, creating many unique and awesome toys. Their flat pack designs are laser-cut from a single sheet of birch-wood, offering a new look at many different skill toys. We were very excited when they approached us with the idea for a Flat Pack Pill, and we couldn't be happier with the results! There is a whole new world of trick concepts possible with the Flat Pack Pill, just waiting for you to explore and discover!

The Flat Pack Pill's design allows for 16 nickels to be added during assembly, bringing the total weight of the toy up to that of your average beechwood Pill. 44RPM has previously released the 'Penny' Kendama, which similarly allows pennies to be added to the toy for additional weight. Being a Canadian company, we opted to use nickels for the Flat Pack Pill, since Canada does not produce or use pennies!