March 29, 2014

We'll be back soon!

I'm sure many of you have noticed that Terra Kendama has been very quiet on almost all fronts lately - our webshop has been out of stock, our Facebook has been silent, and our instagram posts have been sparse. So you might be wondering: what the heck have we been up to?

The answer is that we've had a very busy couple of months, filled with travel, kendama promotion, and behind the scenes work to prepare some new products. In April we will be having several small releases and shop updates; you'll see some old products return, and some new products debut! 

Our focus will continue to be producing unique and interesting products in small batches, staying true to our roots as a specialty brand. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our kendama-making adventures. We love what we do, and we won't be going anywhere anytime soon. 

The next shop update will be on Friday, April 4th.