April 04, 2014

Shop Update: 04-04-14

We'll be updating our webshop with some new products today, they'll be going up for sale at 5pm Edmonton local time (MDT). We have some returning products, as well as some new ones we're excited to release!

The release will include the following items:
All colours of beechwood Pills - $17.99
Cherrywood Pills - $22.99
Terra Toques - $13.99
15 Terra-painted maple Little Bit Bigger Kendamas - $119.99
4 Hand-turned black walnut Pills - $44.99

Some of these items will be in somewhat of a short supply - namely the maple Terra Kendamas and the hand-turned black walnut Pills. Our goal is to do one shop update per week over the course of the next 3-4 weeks, each of these upcoming updates will include more of the new little big bigger Terra Kendamas, so customers will have multiple chances to purchase one. These kendamas are what is left of the first production run after filling all of the pre-orders; we will be producing more that will go up for sale later this summer, but for now the supply is quite limited. Our goal is to bring the cost of these kendamas down for future runs, but for now we have increased it slightly to help mitigate the issue of scalping. Customers looking for a cheaper option are advised to hold out just a little longer for the summer production! There will be a limit of one per customer, we appreciate your understanding.  

We plan on releasing 10-20 Terra Kendamas per shop update for the next few weeks. These updates will include the purpleheart Terra Kendamas, as well as some more exotic options we haven't shown off quite yet. Stay tuned for more info, we have lots of cool stuff coming out this month!

The Terra Crew

(PS - For those of you wondering, 'toque' is what we call a 'beanie' up in Canada!)