September 07, 2014

Open Bazaar

I've been playing around with Open Bazaar today, which is a newly launch P2P marketplace network. Buyers and sellers interact directly on this network, without the need for a middleman to run the service. OpenBazaar is currently in Beta, so anyone interested in trying it out should pay careful attention to the warnings on the developer's website.

I've created a store on the network for Terra Kendama (dafe1b1d9ed6d507952a51e512d481af3f8683ba), if you are interested and manage to get the Beta running please check it out! I would love to hear from anyone who manages to find us on here, as I've been troubleshooting connectivity issues all afternoon, so a confirmation that our node is reachable would be great! ...and if you do manage to find us, you might just see a nice price listed for beechwood pills ;)