July 29, 2015

3.5 Year Contest Results

This year we received over 50 entries to our yearly contest, and we're seriously impressed with the quality of the submissions! Next year we may have to call it the '4 Year War' instead of the '4 Year Contest', as there was an epic battle of skill and stye in every category, leaving our judges with some tough decisions in selecting a winner! 
(Clicking on a contestant's name will link you to their entry)

Pro Category:

1st place: Wyatt Bray
2nd place: Nui Wong

Wyatt has been dominating the Kendama scene lately, and his performance in our contest was no different. Incredibly difficult and fresh tricks, a clean cut edit, and that goony COTK style. Congrats, Wyatt! In second place, Nui's strange and creative style helped him stand out above the rest. Honourable mentions to pretty much everyone else that entered the pro category, some seriously quality edits in the mix! 

Am Category:

1st place: Bryson Lee
T-2nd place: Rolf Ganer, Soma Kanemoto, Nic Warren

The amateur category was a serious battle, but with tricks that rivalled the pro entries, Bryson has been selected as the winner! Seriously epic stuff! Picking a second place entry proved too difficult a task, so our judges instead decided to split 2nd place three ways, in lieu of awarding a third place. Congrats to everyone involved!
Honourable mentions: Rudy Simpliciano, Cullen Daniels, MJ, Nathan St-Arnaud

Pill Category:

1st: Bryan Hansen
2nd: Joshua Cansana
3rd: Chris Marquest

Bryan has been turning heads with his pill tricks for some time now, but now he's moved on to exploding heads with his insane and technical tricks! Congrats on the win, Bryan! Joshua from the Pill USA team also had an amazing entry, with some of the smoothest string/flow lines we've ever seen. In third place, Chris Marquest was slaying jumbo tricks like its his job. All around, an amazing showing in the pill category. Thanks to everyone who took the time to make an edit!

Additional prizes: 

Best trick: Ryan Walker (Lighthouse held during cartwheel)
Prize: Terra Painted Standard

Forgot it isn't Rasta week, man: Will Schiebe
Prize: Terra Painted Standard

A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to enter our contest, you all rule! If you won a prize, please contact us with your shipping details (terrakendama@gmail.com).